There are many similarities between Derek’s vision and Alex Shirley-smiths vision for Tentsile( in case you didn’t know he is the creator of the Tentsile Tree tents). Derek grew up watching Return of the Jedi, (Star Wars) and always dreamt of having a tree house.  His father would take him camping every summer while growing up. Which was their escape from city life.  In his teens he would organize canoe camping trips for him and his friends.  Throughout his life, he has always loved being in Nature whether it’s the ocean, mountains, or forests, that is where he found peace of mind.

Derek begins exploring Tentsile, studying the company and learning about the tents. He sees the tents as a revolutionary new way to bring people away from their phones and into the environment.

July 2017
Tentsile Asia is formed

October 2017
Tentsile Asia debuts in Taiwan, at the Taiwan Outdoor Expo

June 2018
Tentsile Asia debuts in Korea at the Incheon Camping and Picnic expo(GOCAF)

August 2018
Partners with P-MAX adventures in Taiwan

September 2018
Tentsile Asia helps create the Karen Elephant and tree camping experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand

December 2018
Partnership with Seesaw Tree climbers in Seoul, South Korea

March 2019
Partnership with Viejero Outdoor Center in the Philippines